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Reeve and Wehe Speak at Annual APPA Meeting

Enrollment in degree-granting institutions increased by nearly 40% between 1994 and 2015, from 15 million to 21 million. In addition to growth and shifting demographics, the last two decades have witnessed dramatic changes in the postsecondary environment brought about by a revaluation of traditional pedagogue, the rise of online degree options, and the existential challenge of the cost of higher education. Despite the enormity of these challenges, there is little doubt that the physical campus will continue to define the essential experience of undergraduate life.

Several weeks ago at the annual APPA Meeting in Chicago, John Reeve and Stacey Wehe of Christner presented the topic of Master Planning and why colleges and universities can no longer afford simply to react to changes in society (one might well ask, could they ever?). Institutions that will succeed in the next 20 years will be those able to understand their particular market potential and commit resources to align campuses and building assets in support of strategic goals. Realizing alignment in a logical and time efficient sequence is what the discipline of master planning is all about. A master plan that is a product of a sound master planning process is essential to achieve these complex and interconnected objectives. But what in detail is master planning, and how does an institution undertake a process that will ensure that the plan is effective in guiding wise decisions about campus development?

View the complete presentation here.