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Mighty Mississippians Selected as a Winning Team in the Sustainable Land Lab Competition

Sponsored by Christner and a team of partners, the Mighty Mississippians were recently selected as one of the four winning teams in the Sustainable Land Lab Competition, organized by Washington University and the City of St. Louis.  Forty-eight ideas were submitted by local teams in a contest that launched last fall to find new ways to put empty city-owned land to better use, at relatively little cost.   Each winner was awarded a two-year lease on a vacant lot in the Old North St. Louis neighborhood and $5,000 in seed money to make their ideas a reality.  With an approach rooted in regional history, the Mighty Mississippians are dedicated to re-imagining their vacant lot as an asset for learning and sustainability.  The team will use this lot in two ways: a demonstration garden using native plants or their relatives historically used by native inhabitants, and as a program platform for educational,  celebratory and exploratory cultural programs. Our basic calendar structure starts around the natural cycle of equinoxes and solstices,  planting and sowing, and is populated with activity as the seasons and conditions dictate.  The site will be a center of activity, not a completed composition and therefore, will continually evolve in appearance.

Thank you to all of our partners who contributed to the planning and design! We have a lot of work, discovery and fun ahead of us and are looking forward to transforming our lot into an innovative and sustainable resource in the St. Louis community.

You can find more information, photos and upcoming events on our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/MightyMississippians.