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Extreme Tree Houses

Christner designed and constructed two tree houses at the Missouri Botanical Garden as part of the Extreme Tree Houses exhibition.  A series of tree houses is on display through August 21st, each representing a perspective on sustainability and our connection to the natural world.

A “Living” Room In A Garden is made from recycled Christmas trees, in cooperation with the St. Louis City Forestry Recycling Program.  The “living” room uses a grand tree as its focal point, instead of a hearth or fireplace.  A wooded log enclosure, seating and play areas surround the tree.  Christner’s design team is  Rick Wimmer-Brown, Mick Schaefer, Ken Hoernschemeyer and Denise Buehrer,  along with Jay Behle from Waldbart Nursery.  Check out the real thing here.

House + Tree = PHI is the integration of an imaginative tree house with the formal concepts of Phi and the Fibonacci Sequence.  A combination of found objects and illustrative panels represent the many ways in which we connect with tress and the natural world.  Christner’s design team is Michael Antkowiak, Grace Corbin, Christopher Montroy, Robin Ringwald, Marilyn Sander and Dan Rosenberg, along with Ed Brimer from Engraphix.  Go here to see the real thing.

The TREEmendous Extreme Tree Houses competition is part of the United Nations International Year of Forests, highlighting the importance of trees in our lives.  Visit Missouri Botanical Garden’s website for more information on visiting the tree houses in person.