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Supporting our Client’s Need for an  Accelerated Design Schedule

Christner has teamed with Blessing Hospital on an accelerated project schedule to construct a new, stand-alone ambulatory surgery center. Our design team delivered concept plans and a high-level cost estimate to the hospital board for approval only 12 days after the first call from the hospital about the potential project. After board approval of the concept, a workshop-based approach was used to engage hospital leadership, clinical staff, and physicians in the design process while still expediting the schedule. Overall, the design team was able to lead the project through city, state and Certificate of Need reviews within 6 months from the initial notice to proceed.

From the initial call from the client, our team completed full construction documents in under 6 months. By relocating its ambulatory surgery center to its main campus, Blessing Hospital will provide direct access to the hospital for both patients and physicians. The 36,000sf, two-story surgery center will have three operating rooms and three endoscopy procedure rooms.  The ASC is sited directly adjacent to the hospital, and a pedestrian bridge will connect to the hospital for direct access to the existing surgery department. Although construction directly adjacent to the hospital will pose challenges, this is the optimal location for patient and staff access.

This 36,000sf Ambulatory Surgical Treatment Center (ASTC) is currently under construction at Blessing Hospital in Quincy, Illinois.Pedestrian bridge connects to the hospital for direct access to the existing surgery department

Click the video above for a virtual tour of Blessing Health System's new Ambulatory Surgical Treatment Center (ASTC)

"Making the ambulatory surgery center a part of our medical hub on Blessing's main campus has been part of the strategic plan for many years.  This relocation offers benefits to our patients and payers in terms of the types of procedures available and cost for care."

- Maureen Kahn, president and chief executive officer of Blessing Health System and Blessing Hospital.